Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height TurnstilesRobust turnstiles from the HOM range of automation products are ideal for securing outdoor region of the secured premises. Full height turnstiles provide comprehensive visual as well as physical deterrent compared to that of half height turnstiles. Tamper-resistant and weatherproof, full height turnstiles offer unmatched reliability and have proved to withstand even the most unforgiving environments.

Full height turnstiles are recommended for use when absolute entrance or exit security is required, especially at un-manned locations. These systems are either used as stand-alone units or as a part of an integrated system, HOM full height turnstiles can further be engineered and customised to meet all security based control requirements.

Main features are:

  • Full height turnstiles, with electromagnetic lock and microprocessor based control panel requires no routine maintenance.
  • In conjunction with card readers they can be used to control access reliably without the need for personnel
  • Ensures controlled passage of individuals from one side to the other in the permitted direction.
  • Applicable for indoor as well as outdoor installations.
  • Full height turnstile systems can readily be connected to pre-existing access control systems.
  • The turnstile is capable to control the passage in both directions, with the option of single direction control with the reverse direction locked or free upon request utilizing a push button fixed to the upright.
  • HOM Full Height turnstiles are compatible with all types of ID readers and are available in MS and SS caseworks with SS arms.