Retractable Flap Barrier

Retractable Flap Barriers protect secure areas of a building against unauthorised access and offer a variety of options for different levels of security. Retractable Flap barrier is available in single lane & multiple lane configurations as per site requirements. Two housings (end column) with retractable flap make one lane of access. One housing (inter lane) with two flaps back to back is used in between the end columns to increase the number of lanes.

The main areas of application are places like, Banks, financial institutions, Governmental and institutional establishments, Office building entrances, administrative sites, libraries, universities and colleges, pharmaceutical industries, Airports, etc.

Its main features are:

  • Aesthetics-Discrete and elegant design, Quality of finish, Bright& modern pictograms.
  • Security-Secure, reliable, performing tailgating detection system
  • Retractable obstacles allow fast closure of the walkway
  • Mechanical locking, preventing forced opening
  • A dissuasive access control in one or both directions