One Way Traffic Control

HOM ONE WAY TRAFFIC FLOW CONTROL SYSTEM SPECIFICATION Within any industrial or commercial site, Malls, Air ports, Railway Station, ports, car park or similar location there is usually a need to implement an effective traffic management system. Without any form of traffic control there is a real risk to the security of the organization, a chance of damage to other vehicle and a danger of possible injury to pedestrians. One way traffic control system can produce a very strong deterrent against traveling in the wrong direction of a flow of traffic.

Our one way traffic flow control system designed for strength and durability, the traffic flow system encourage one way traffic flow and help to prevent unauthorized entry or exit, enabling vehicle movement to be managed at all times. Because of their heavy duty rugged steel construction, the one way traffic flow system can be used for most types of vehicle, including HGV’s. Uniquely designed to withstand the rigorous of all vehicles over an extended period, the one way traffic flow system are capable of giving long term effective operation with minimum maintenance.

Manufactured ‘In house’ under strict quality control at every stage.


Heavy duty 10mm steel plate counter balanced self returning top flap. Primed and yellow painted with MS top checker plate. Lock down facility as standard. Internal rubber buffers for reduced noise levels.

The spikes are made of a hi-density steel, each spike has a red reflective tape embedded on it as a extra visual deterrent against traveling in the wrong direction, the spike is then housed in a black cartridge which works in contrast to the bright yellow teeth and the yellow base for hi visibility. Traveling over the spike flow plate in the wrong direction may damage your tyres.



Assists in preventing unauthorized entry/exit Greater security and traffic control
Encourages one way traffic flow Effective vehicle management
Unique replaceable top flap No need for costly multiple excavations
Low maintenance No ongoing charges
Economical Cost effective traffic control
Easy to install Minimizes disruption
Suitable for most types of vehicles Can be used by LGV’s, MGV’s, HGV’s