Flat Type Spike Tyre killer

HOM Automatic flat type spike tyre killer provide reliable access and traffic control by electro-mechanically moving the spikes up to an active or secured position, and then down to allow unrestricted passage to authorized vehicles to access places like hotels, military bases, ministries and other high profile places.The self-contained modular system allows design flexibility combined with easy integration with access systems in manned or unmanned check points. It can be installed in new or existing facilities with ease and provide an unmatched security solution creating an ambience.

  • HOM spike road blocks are designed for reliability and low maintenance providing years of dependable service.
  • For added safety and security Spike Road Block can be interlocked with HOM Automatic Barrier to work in unison with single activation device and control panel. This enables the spikes to go down automatically when the barrier is open and come up when the barrier is closed.
  • The model is flush mounted, completely inconspicuous in-ground installation. As the name suggests it offers flat surface on the road but requires digging a trench across the road.