Drop Arm Motorized Tripod Turnstile

Drop Arm Motorized Tripod Turnstiles are one point solution at places where Safety of employees is the top most priority. These turnstiles are popular for their Anti-panic arms which are collapsible in case of emergency. This unique feature gives the name to such kind of turnstiles as ‘Drop Arm Tripod Turnstiles’.

These systems are provided with drop-arm mechanism which can be triggered in case of Fire or other emergency eventuality, due to which the blocking Tripod Arm will collapse and let the passage open in both directions providing an escape route to the staff.

The tripod turnstile bars will reset automatically in the normal operative mode as soon as the power is retained. These systems are very effective for areas like, academic institutions, libraries, amusement parks, Official premises of all types, manufacturing facilities, sport complexes, cultural centers, Ports and harbor installations.

Main features are:

  • Motorized Mechanism.
  • Provides un-obstructed passage clearance through the turnstile in an event of an emergency.
  • On the resumption of power, the motorized drive rotates automatically positioning the arm back to its normal & locked position.