Crash Resistant Blocking Barrier

HOM Automation Electro Hydraulic Crash Resistant Blocking Barrier Bar are designed for vehicle access, into restricted area while operating in a safer, quieter and more reliable manner. It is a below ground assembly containing heavy steel cylindrical arrangements on both ends which are capable of raising and lowering the bar.

Upon Impact, force shall initially be absorbed by the steel structure arrangement and then it will be transferred to the foundation of the unit. The Crash Resistant Blocking Bars are largely used for stopping/limiting of vehicular traffic and making the premises safe in order to brace the campus from any forceful vehicular entry.

It is a one point solution for better safety, security and movement control.

  • Vehicles with high speed are stopped reliably by destroying the chassis completely.
  • They can be used individually or in combination with accessories like siren, flashing lights etc.
  • Movement of Crash Resistant Blocking Barrier (CRBB) is signaled by siren and flashing lights to prevent any inadvertent impact.
  • The acoustic siren guarantees safety to any vehicle moving close to the maneuvering area of the Crash Resistant Blocking Barrier.