Axle Type Road blocker

Axle Type Road blocker is designed to destroy the suspension of the intruding vehicles and foil the forcible penetration into the secured area.Any forceful vehicular attempt to break through this type of blocker, results in destroying the axles of the vehicle completely.

When the axle road block is lowered or in a closed position the vehicles can have smooth access to the premises without any hindrance.

Due to the flexibility of this high security access blocking solution, it is an ideal product for all critical infrastructure applications such as ministries, defense sites, nuclear power plants etc.

Main features are:

  • Limits the intruding vehicle on the spot by destroying suspension, axle & wheels.
  • Compact & sturdy unit with quick opening & closing time.
  • Highly reliable electro-hydraulic mechanism.
  • Shallow installation depth below the ground which makes the installation hassle free.
  • Heavy duty central shaft with closely spaced limiting blades and base support designed to dissipate the force of impact to the reinforced concrete.