Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates

Automatic Cantilever Sliding GatesHOM Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates require no track or support across the roadway. The automatic cantilever gates leaf is supported by a cantilever support carriage. Generally such gates are the best solution for the industrial zones where the gate has to pass over a railway tracks or such sites.

Cantilever Gates have been designed to withstand high flows of traffic and varying environmental conditions. A variety of sizes in fills and finishes are available to suit individual site applications.

Main features are:

  • Environmentally Durable.
  • Custom built as per client specification
  • Operational during power failure conditions
  • Ease of Installation
  • Automatic cantilever sliding gates are driven by a rack and pinion system.
  • Its high quality drive mechanism box, limit switch and PCB control (which runs from a single-phase supply) the gate responds quickly to operator instructions.